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About us

Mail Finance is one of the leading newspapers in the UK and we have extremely dedicated readers. To reward them for their loyalty and trust in us, we have now branched out into Travel Insurance as we want our readers to be fully covered whilst away on their holidays.

Why choose Mail Finance?

We are offering a varied range of products for all eventualities, be that a skiing holiday, a cruise or even a backpacking holiday.

As well as the main insurance, we also offer extensions, such as for Cruise and Wintersports cover.

With competitive prices, for inclusive insurance, what more can you ask for?

Our Customer Promise

We believe that the Customer should be at the centre of all of our decision making, and that we are designing products that we would purchase as customers.

We will always strive to ensure the best customer service at every stage of the process, whether that be when you are being medically screened, purchasing your policy or heaven forbid, claiming.

We always welcome customer feedback, especially at this early stage. Please contact us here.

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