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Over 50’s insurance starts from£49.99**

Longstay Insurance

Mail Finance Longstay policies can run as long as 18 months, so our cover provides you with peace of mind on your extended trip.

Save 15% when you get a quote online*.


Longstay Travel Insurance

If you’re lucky enough to be heading off on a backpacking voyage, taking a well-deserved gap year or taking a time out to explore the world, and spending an extended time away from home – then a Longstay travel insurance policy is ideal for you. Whatever you are planning to do, and wherever you’re choosing to go, having the right policy will ensure you are fully covered.


Key Benefits of Our Longstay Travel Insurance

Spending a prolonged period away from home will mean that unexpected eventualities are more likely to occur. Our Longstay policies have been designed with those long term travellers in mind and come with many benefits, including:

  • Long term cover available for up to 18 months
  • A 15% discount* available exclusively to our online customers.
  • Prices for longstay travel insurance starting at from as little as £49.99**
  • A wide range of activity packs that can be added to your policy, so you can ensure you’re covered for activities you undertake.
  • Cover for hundreds of medical conditions, provided they have been declared and confirmed in your policy summary by us in writing.
  • A 24/7 doctor managed emergency medical assistance helpline


What’s covered on the Mail Finance Longstay policy?

Having the right cover if you are travelling abroad for a long period is extremely vital. In order to travel with ultimate piece of mind we offer a range of cover levels to suit any type of long term trip you are planning. Longstay travel insurance provides cover for travel between numerous destinations for up to 18 months and your policy can be tailored to include extensions and activity packs. Depending on the policy you choose, we offer the following cover levels:

    • Up to £5,000,000 for Emergency Medical Attention.
    • Up to £1,250 if your possessions are Lost, Stolen or Damaged.
    • Up to £400 for Electrical Items, £400 For Laptops and £300 for any other Valuables.
    • Up to £250 if your Passport is Lost or Stolen.
    • Up to £2,500 for Cancellation.
    • Please note- Gadget cover is not available on longstay policies.
    • For more information about what’s covered click here.



Longstay Travel FAQs

What happens if I want to stay on longer?

If you are planning to stay longer and your total trip duration does not exceed 558 days, then you can contact us to extend your cover period.

What is the difference between a multi trip and longstay policy?

A multi trip policy covers you for a 12 month period and will only provide cover for trips during that period that are no more than 31 days in duration. A longstay policy will provide longer term cover, up to 558 days, across multiple destinations (providing the destination is covered in your policy region).

I want to take part in an activity but I have already travelled and not sure if I am covered?

You should always read and understand your policy wording document and keep these with you when you are travelling. If you want to take part in a spur of the moment activity, and you know you are not covered under your policy, you should contact us to add the required activity pack to your policy. (Subject to an additional charge)

I will be travelling to multiple destinations in different parts of the world, will I be covered?

As long as the countries you wish to travel to are covered under your policy region, and the specific destinations you are visiting have not been marked as unsafe by the FCO – (to check this please visit the FCO Travel Aware page) your policy will be valid.

I am currently travelling and my longstay travel insurance policy covers me for Europe and now I am planning to travel to Asia – is my policy valid?

To ensure your policy stays valid, you will need to contact us to upgrade your destination region.

I’m not sure where I’m going to be travelling to yet, which area should I choose?

If you are going with the flow and not sure of where you will be travelling to, we would always suggest Worldwide Including USA, just in case. That way, if a fellow traveller offers you a trip to the Big Apple, you don’t have to turn them down. Ultimately, only you can make the decision, but if you have already purchased your policy and need to make a change to your destination area, you can always amend your policy (potentially subject to an additional charge.)

What is the age limit on your Longstay policies?

We will cover people up to 55 years on our Longstay policy.

I’m travelling abroad to work/volunteer. Will I be covered under this policy?

Yes, we will cover you as standard to work or volunteer abroad so long as you are not doing any manual labour, which we define as: Work involving the lifting or carrying of heavy items in excess of 25Kg, work at a higher level than two storeys, or any form of work underground.

Is gadget cover available on longstay policies?

Unfortunately gadget cover is not available on longstay policies.


**Pricing based on a 50 year old travelling to Australasia for two months.